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PZA-D (Pizza Delivery Droid)

PZA-D (Pizza Delivery Droid)

  • £600

Before the final demise of thousands of Death Star crew members, they were enjoying hot and fresh delivered pizza. You didn't think that because they were part of the Empire of on a weapon of mass destruction that they weren't still craving pizza, did you?

I love Star Wars and the droids that inhabit that world. This pin pays homage to one of my favorite droids, the GNK Power Droid. More affectionately know as the Gonk Droid this guy was basically a walking power supply. In this pin I have repurposed him to deliver hot and fresh pizza to Stormtroopers and Darth Vader alike. Enjoy!

Each 1.5" sized pin is made of soft enamel and black metal with two rubber rear post protectors. A limited supply of these pin were made. Once gone, they may not be restocked.

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